Horrible Acts Against Innocent People



Vocals / Sparky

Guitar / Tim

Guitar / Wes

Drums / Dingo

Bass / Corey

“Describing themselves as 'original, in your face, heavy metal from the South!', Excessum are exactly that. Born out of Mobile, Alabama in the good 'ol U.S.A., Excessum are grunt 'n grind death metal. Unlike many modern bands being labeled metal, Excessum are not just about speed and boring breakdowns! This band is a brutal force mixing guttural growled vocals, heavy riffs and a battering of drum beats. That's not to say that the speed isn't there, but this band knows how to mix it up and keep it interesting. Song after song the listener is given an audio beating with a barrage of heavy riffs, guttural growls and fiery fret work. Here's the other thing about Excessum, these guys know how to write memorable songs as well. This isn't just heavy for the sake of being heavy. Rather, this is the type of heavy metal that will grab you by the jugular and get your head to banging, your fists to pumping and is sure to ignite spontaneous mosh pits!”

- Scott Waters "No Life 'till Metal"


"This is the sound that metal fans will keep coming back for. Their song, 'God Forbid' is more like a time warp than music. Fast and break neck, then can hit slow motion. It's what every metal fan dreams of."

- Surprising Uprising Promotions


"'The Battle Has Begun' is a breath of fresh air for metal since they have mastered a formula that successfully merges the sound of old school metal with modern day metal influences. A few words of advice if you happen to be visiting Mobile, Alabama looking for a leprechaun in a tree with a pot of gold: The only gold you will find is in a venue where Excessum is performing their music."

- www.realmetalreviews.com